Owner Austin Jamieson     I hail from White Rock, BC starting my film career at 8 years old when I got my first camcorder. Always a creative, I ventured into my first business at 16. A clothing brand (admittedly it was unsuccessful) I still learned to build a website, how to work with a manufacturing line for clothing production, and recorded/ edited my first commercials. At 17 I started my second venture, taking what I learned from my first and expanding further, I called it Middle of the Night Productions and worked with my best friend in creating over 60 video productions. After graduating a year early from highschool, my friend/business partner and I self financed two cross continental trips through europe, creating a travel vlog series throughout.     By 18 I enrolled in the Motion Picture Arts Program at Capilano University, where I first managed a set as producer. All the while within school, my partner and I worked on creating content for my channel. Over the past two years we have gained over 400 followers, and amassed over 30 thousand views. Within the mix were 3 short films including my new upcoming film 'DADDY' set to release this summer. Before the age of 20 I had already produced two feature length films, both with over 30 cast and crew members. This year I am proud to announce the opening of my new Storefront Photography Studio, 'The MOTN'. OPENING JUNE 5TH.

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